5 Fashion Rules You Can Break

5 Fashion Rules You Can Break

The clothes we wear should make us feel good. It is known that the clothes we choose to put on our bodies can affect and reflect our mood. We should always pick items that make us feel comfortable and confident. Fashion is changing daily, and trends come and go. However, we are in a time where following the norm is no longer fun and exciting and following the rules of fashion no longer apply. Here are five rules of fashion that were made to be broken.

  1. Not wearing white after Labor day is so last century. Labor day signals the end of the summer and the last of hot weather vacations. Wearing light colors is the way of the summer months to help stay cool. This rule was created before the invention of AC and everyone wore white in lightweight fabrics as a way to stay cool. After Labor Day they would go back to wearing darker colors to not show how dirty their daily jobs would be. This was also a “rule” to separate the upper class as to signify that only the elite could still afford vacations after the summer and as a way to show off their wealth. After Memorial Day in May everyone would go back to wearing their light colors. This rule is outdated and definitely the first rule to be broken!

  1. Obsessing over trends instead of dressing for your body type is a no no.Trends appear suddenly and pass quickly they also have a way of coming back around again. Trends  today take inspiration from decades past with a twist. Denim jeans cycle through trends from high waisted bell bottoms, wide leg low rise, to skinny jeans and back around again. Instead of following what's hot, find the style that speaks to you as an individual and best fits your unique body type. Even mix a few styles together to create your own look. The most important thing is that you feel good in what you wear, because confidence never goes out of style.

  1. Dare to break the rules and mix those metals! One of my favorite fashion rules to break is mixing metals. When layering your jewelry, mix and match your gold and silver for a two-tone look. Whose idea was it that you can only choose one? You can even find unique pieces that are already created with the mixed metals which gives you the option to mix or match the rest of your accessories. Don’t forget, gold and silver aren’t the only metals you can mix. Let's not forget pewter, bronze and copper as well. Mixing metals can be unique, stylish and chic.

  1. We’ve all heard the saying less is more, but sometimes less is just less. Coco Chanel once said that you are supposed to take off one thing you put on before you leave the house… Sorry Coco but we disagree. Layering your pieces makes fashion fun and unique to your own style. Layer your arms with bangles and bracelets. Fill every finger with rings, or two or even three. Layer your mixed metal necklaces as much as you’d like. Fashion is meant to be fun, and every day is a new day to try new things. 

  1. I dislike the term “dress your age”. Who defines what is age appropriate? One more time for the people in the back… Break this rule! Here is a new perspective. Just because you hit a certain age or become a parent or experience a life change doesn’t mean you can’t look trendy or have fun with fashion. It’s more about being comfortable in your own skin and working with what you've got. As we go through life and things change so does our taste. Including what we like to wear. You may find a new way to style your old favorites while adding current pieces. Fashion is a form of expression at every age and stage in life. As long as you remain true to yourself. I can’t say it enough, confidence never goes out of style.

I love the whole process of growing into our own sense of style and fashion sense and I can NOT wait to see you all breaking the rules. Please upload photos to social media and tag Haute Exchange of you mixing metals or maximizing your accessories and generally have fun with your look ladies. As always you can book a Personal Shopping appointment or Closet Exchange with me online at www.hauttiesonly.com

Love Always

Allie (DellKat)

Head of Fashion Design @ Haute Exchange Fashion House

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