5 Ethical Clothing Brands You Can SHOP On Amazon

5 Ethical Clothing Brands You Can SHOP On Amazon

The bright, shining luster of Amazon Prime glowed from my tiny pocket computer screen, I stared wide eyed at the tempting savings. My eyes flicked from deal to deal just teaming with all the things I suddenly NEEDED. "NO" (I internally exclaimed) ... I dropped my device and closed my eyes willing the images up and out of my brain. All day long I kept opening that app and then closing it. Every single time I scolded myself for not caring about the environment, the people working in terrible conditions slaving over my glutenous, self-indulgent capitalism, and the general disregard for small or local business. I was throwing an internal bitch fit over my own self-inflicted morality. But I wanted the savings and the gratification and if I am being honest with myself, I just wanted the satisfaction. So, I immediately researched the very best ethical, sustainable fashion brands found on Amazon and now 2 days later I bring to you...

5 Ethical Clothing Brands You Can SHOP On Amazon (YOUR WELCOME)

Threads 4 Thought

In no particular order I wanted to start with the brand Threads 4 Thought. The idea is that they think through their brand from the start with ethically and environmentally friendly sourced raw materials. Making things even better their production factory recycles up to 80% of their industrial water, all of their products are CO2 neutral, their goal is to eliminate single use packaging altogether, and all of their branding materials are made from recycled materials. Go ahead sis. Shop your crunchy heart out. xoxo

About Threads 4 Thought


It's in the title... This company plants 10 that is TEN whole trees for every single item purchased. There is a counter on their website showing how many trees they have planted. What is even better!? They have monthly subscriptions to offset the lifestyle of an average person or their family. They also have single use options to offset things such as traveling and other misc. life indulgences. To make it even better they have some really cute clothing items, and I am excited to shop this online store. 

Sustainable Clothing by tentree® | Shop Organic + Plant 10 Trees

Fair Indigo (specifically dresses)

I like Fair Indigo because its purpose is to support the human beings who are physically making your clothing. That means the world to me! I like to know that the people who put their time and energy into what I am wearing every day were not exploited and that they are paid fair living wages. I like their clothing options especially for staple basics that every closet could use. 

Our Mission | About Fair Indigo

Tropic Bliss

This is a small-scale boutique style brand that also pays their garment workers fair wages. Additionally, every item comes with a photo and description of the seamstress who made it! They are known for the boho style palazzo pants, knit tops and bracelets. This brand has a fun vibe, and they are serious about being ethical and eco-friendly. 

Amazon.com: Tropic Bliss

The Drop

This amazon shop is different than the others because all of the items featured in the store are designed by independent influencers rather than big brands. I love this concept because you get to experience fashion from a small business on a bigger scale and these influencers produce some unique designs. It is a very cool idea although to be completely transparent I was unable to find any information on whether their items are made from ethically sourced materials etc. 

Welcome to The Drop (amazon.com)

long story short there is something for almost everyone on Amazon if you're willing to click through your options and read up on the individual shops you're purchasing from when you're using this marketplace then you can still shop responsibly. Another important thought is that you can always visit these shops directly on most of their websites which puts even more jingle straight back into pockets of those smaller businesses. Thanks for helping us make the world a better place by shopping ethical, sustainable and small biz. 



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