3 Reasons I Started a Fashion House

3 Reasons I Started a Fashion House

Besides the fact that fashion is one of the best ways to express ourselves I always wanted to make a difference. There was a local consignment shop that was closing, and it got my wheels turning. I already ran a successful salon centered on environmentally friendly practices, so I had done a lot of research on wastefulness in the beauty industry. I started googling and discovered that the fashion industry was just as riddled with waste. Suddenly reselling was extremely attractive to me. I was always drawn to thrifting, repurposing and generally finding preloved items that could be made new, so it was not a far stretch. I decided to buy the business and give high end consignment a go. In my small town I found that it was difficult because the genre of people thrifting versus those shopping thrift did not align. So... I did what we all do. I pivoted and re launched Haute Exchange as a Fashion House. There were a lot of reasons but here are the top 3 reasons I rebranded my consignment shop and started my own Fashion House.

1. Ethical reasons are at the top of my list for starting my own Fashion House. Reducing the negative impact that the fashion industry has on people, animals and the planet as a whole is important to me. Specifically, I do not want anybody suffering to make my clothes and accessories. Fast Fashion is attractive because it is immediately available, and it is inexpensive. To keep costs down they drive down wages of garment workers which ultimately result in hard working humans being exploited and suffering.  Fashion is beautiful on the outside. It should be beautiful on the inside as well.

2. Sustainability is another huge reason I started a Fashion House. In order to keep up with the demand fast fashion companies are churning out clothing and accessories at such an astronomical rate that there is NOWHERE for the discarded items to go. There are literal mountains of clothes littering Chile's Atacama Desert. Most of these items are not biodegradable because synthetic plastic is cheaper. Even the increase in popularity of resale and the thriving business of secondhand clothing can't keep up. The only answer is to SLOW IT DOWN. Let artists and designers create something wonderful that can't be done the way they are doing fast fashion. Yes, it will take longer, and it will absolutely not be as cheap but what it will be is sustainable.

3. Custom is QUEEN! There is nothing like an item that is not only one of a kind, but it was created just for you. Our fashion house not only takes previously loved items and takes them a part to make something new. It thrives off of the high from fitting someone's body perfectly and making them feel amazing. There is seriously nothing better than custom fit, custom designed clothing and we want to make that a reality for as many people as possible. 

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